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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Mar-2017Analysis of how a teacher-centered class hinders Interactive communication of second grade students of Colegio Americano de Guayaquil.Del Pozo Díaz, Natasha Cecibel; Mejía Ortega, María Gabriela
21-Mar-2017Analysis of the influence of limited knowledge of vocabulary, and affective factors in the development of the speaking competence of EFL 7th graders at Santiago Mayor School of Guayaquil.Del Pozo Díaz, Natasha Cecibel; Minchala Ríos, Mercedes Margot
18-Sep-2017English learning strategies that boost the development of communicative skills of pre-school students level 2 in San Jose La Salle de Guayaquil.Del Pozo Díaz, Natasha Cecibel; Tumbaco Vega, Gianella Tamara
28-Jul-2018Enhancing critical writing skills of UCSG'S pre-professional level students of the school of english language towards successful development of written academic texts.Salaberri Ramiro, Maria Sagrario; Del Pozo Díaz, Natasha Cecibel; Espinoza Morales, Juan Pablo
19-Sep-2018The impact of english composition classes in the development of writing skills of sixth graders section "A" at femenino Espiritu Santo School, first quinmester, school year 2018-2019.Del Pozo Díaz, Natasha Cecibel; Jarrin Hunter, Ximena Marita; Navarro Holguín, Michelle Elizabeth; Tandazo Palma, Diana Andrea
2016Implementation of Communicative Activities to Improve Twelfth Grade students’ English Speaking Skill at Santo Domingo de Guzman High School.Del Pozo Díaz, Natasha Cecibel; Ronquillo Chanalata, Leidys Fabiola
5-Mar-2018Ways of identification and challenges in translation of Rafael Correa’s sexist addresses in political discourse.Del Pozo Díaz, Natasha Cecibel; Rios Pulgar, María Andrea; Vélez Chamaidan, Maite Adriana