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Title: Propuesta para la creación de una empresa productora y comercializadora de macetas de fibra de coco en la ciudad de Guayaquil.
Authors: Quintana Espinosa, Carlos Andrés
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Merejildo Rivera, Hugo Elso
Issue Date: 16-Aug-2019
Publisher: Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil
Description: More than one hundred mayors agree to start a 'model ordinance' to reduce single-use plastics. Pedro Palacios, Cuenca’s Mayor, congratulated this initiative and highlighted the importance of joint work to achieve social and environmental development in the country. “Solid waste management is a priority." he said and agrees to work on reforms and policies to limit the use of some plastic products. Currently, the reduction of this products includes plastic covers and tubs. These are the main mode of transport when buying plants garden stores. This creates a business opportunity to replace these plastics covers with our product. The continuous increase of waste in the world is a reality that affects us all. In Ecuador, this issue is not new, many wastes affect many parts of the city. This proposal with coconut organic waste such as coconuts shells that companies dispose. This proposal will work with this coconut waste by using it to produce a solution for plastic covers use for plants. By doing this we also offer a simpler and better way to transport and set new plants. The business idea is to replace the use of plastic pots with our biodegradable product by the creation of a coconut waste processing plant in the city of Guayaquil that is dedicated to the manufacture and subsequent shipment of coconut fiber pots.
URI: http://repositorio.ucsg.edu.ec/handle/3317/13451
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