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dc.contributor.advisorHoyos Hernández, David Eduardo-
dc.contributor.authorOrtiz David, Mónica Ruth-
dc.descriptionThis study was conducted to examine Third Baccalaureate - Computer Science - English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students’ academic performance in listening and speaking, with the purpose of establishing what activities were encouraging or preventing the development of their listening and speaking skills. A mixed approach was used for collecting data; the application of official listening and speaking tests, two surveys, a rubric, and a classroom observation tool, helped obtained results to address the purpose of this investigation, and to write a plan of action to contribute in the progression of both skills. The tests results showed that most of the students have difficulty in discriminative listening, listening comprehension, oral production and oral interaction. Additionally, classes are mostly teacher-centered, and the activities practiced in class seem to be too difficult to accomplish, or the students have not reached the expected English proficiency level prior to graduation, B1. Students believe the use of technology will be of great help and motivation, although they approve the use of traditional teaching techniques of watching videos, practicing interviews, etc. Teachers also concur on the need of using platforms and applications to teach listening and speaking. Therefore, both teachers and students are aware of the factors that hinder students’ performance of listening and speaking skills, and on the ones that could improve it. The design of a syllabus that includes the use of technological resources in listening and speaking classes is included in this research project to address the problem of investigation.en_US
dc.publisherUniversidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquilen_US
dc.titleUse of technological resources in the development of listening and speaking skills of EFL Learners in the Third Baccalaureate – Computer Science, at Amarilis Fuentes Alcivar High School.en_US
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