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Titre: Análisis de factibilidad para la creación de un supermercado comercializador de pescados y mariscos.
Auteur(s): Barzola Navarrete, Ruth Estefania
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Coello Cazar, David
Date de publication: 9-aoû-2013
Editeur: Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil
Description: "CostaMar" Supermarket is dedicated to seafood merchandising, attractive business market because there is not a place that specializes in this activity, so that people would find fresh and priced in a different place a common market, so you could get to obtain a significant market share. For this process you will have the necessary assets as the truck refrigerators, freezers, fish filleting machines, peeling shrimp and vacuum pack, including ensuring the maintenance of the product and its freshness, these assets will be acquired through own contribution and working capital with a loan from the BNF. It is important to note that this project is not an industrial plant processing seafood, but a supermarket suitable for seafood marketing according to the needs of the consumer, where the only process that will take place is to purchase products and cleaned for sale, in the process there will be a shrimp peeling machine and fish filleting necessary to obtain the appropriate weights for the respective package intended for sale to the public. The objective of financial analysis is to order and systematize information of monetary balance sheets providing financially for evaluating the project to determine its profitability.
URI/URL: http://repositorio.ucsg.edu.ec/handle/3317/8696
Collection(s) :Trabajos de Titulación - Carrera de Comercio y Finanzas Internacionales

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