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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Sep-2017Analysis of amateurs and professional translator's renderings using the appraisal method by Coffin & O'Halloran for determining between the two groups.Banchón Jara, Adrián Fabrizio; Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Vera Pino, Jennifer Karina
13-Mar-2018Analysis of the effects of intersemiotic translation techniques on the poems from the book el Árbol del Bien y el Mal by Medardo Ángel Silva.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Rodríguez Abad, Indira Nastassja
2018Analysis of the use of MT among professional translators and translator trainees of the School of English Language at UCSG.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Castro Egas, Susana María
12-Mar-2018Annotated translation and subtitling of the documentary "Waste Deep".De Abreu Ferreira, José Antonio; Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Álava Intriago, Yordy Arón
2016Annotated Translation of the Book De una isla y otros seres fantásticos by Ana Catalina Burbano.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Medina Castro, Gustavo José
18-Mar-2019Annotated translation of the “Turismo Alausí” website as a contribution to the popularization of the canton of Alausí.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Bucheli Benalzacar, Emely Denis
17-Sep-2018Critica discourse analysis of cultural and rhetorical elements of Trump and Obam's inaugural addresses.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Otoya Soria, Edher Miguel
20-Mar-2017Descriptive study of translator´s skills and competences applicable to subtitling processes for specific training purposes at the school of english language of the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Vizuete Hidalgo, Andrea Mercedes
31-Aug-2018Design, implementation and testing of a set of task-based strategies to improve EFL reading comprehension skills targeted to A2.2 level students attending a public urban high school.Vera Asang, Rebeca; Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Izquierdo Zamora, Karina Delia; Salvador Pacheco, Bertha Paola
19-Sep-2017Emotional factors that bear a negative impact on the productivity of a local translator : their origin, contextualization and endurance.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Loor Moreira, Melissa
6-Aug-2018Enhancing teaching performance through the adaptation of writing tasks in the official textbook for second Baccalaureate Learners at "Nueve de Octubre" secondary school.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; González Sarmiento, Margarita Mariuxi; Luna Lara, Eduardo Marcelo
2016Model of Graduate Profile for Translators Aiming to Work in the Video Game Translation Industry.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Chang, Yu Cheng
16-May-2018Opportunities for immersion in English Language Learning at the CENID of the Technical University of Babahoyo.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Jarrin Hunter, Ximena Marita; Hoyos Hernández, David Eduardo; Dahik Solis, Cecilia Elizabeth; Cáneppa Muñoz, Cecilia Isabel
13-Sep-2016Program for Developing Reading Comprehension Skills in the Fourth Grade Students with Primary Dyslexia at Harvard High School of Guayaquil.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Terán García, Enrique Rainiero
13-Mar-2018Spanish to english annotated titles of the short film "Malajunta"Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Suárez Díaz, Michelle Stephanía; Véliz Blacio, Jacqueline Jeaneen
18-Mar-2019Translation gaps in the rendering of Korean levels of formality into English and Spanish.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Inés; Shin, Nara; Guamancela Campoverde, Bryan Peter