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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2020Analyses of EFL listening strategies for listening comprehension applied on baccalaureate students at the Dr. Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno Public High School, scholastic period 2018 – 2020.Hoyos Hernández, David Eduardo; Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Ramirez Morán, Arturo; Aucapiña Sandoval, Sara Esther
18-Sep-2018Analysis of the students’ enrollment rate at the School of English and Pedagogy of the Arts and Humanities Faculty.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Acurio Orozco, Juan Andrés; Lozano Alvarado, Carla Isabel
Aug-2020Analysis of writing skills in students with special needs at third year of Baccalaureate at Amarilis Fuentes Alcívar High school.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Loor Aldás, Marjorie del Rocío
12-Mar-2018Annotated translation of the book Caminantes del Sol by Edna Iturralde.Hoyos Hernández, David Eduardo; Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Gómez Naranjo, Yolanda Denisse; Miranda Mantilla, Arhym Maité
28-Feb-2020The attitude towards the use of the digital platform “Reading Oceans” and lexicon development among pre-teen EFL level 06 course students at Copei language school – year 2019.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Balladares Flores, Antonio Tomás
14-Sep-2017Determination of the teaching methodology applied for reading comprehension development of 10th graders at "Cesar Andrade Cordero School".Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Flores Cabrera, Karla Estefanía
2016EFL Adapted Curriculum and Strategies in Science for the 2nd Elementary Student with Mental Retardation.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Espino Rivadeneira, Joselyn Nichole
14-Sep-2017EFL teacher’s methodology and classroom management impact on second baccalaureate students’ academic performance at Unidad Educativa “Mayor Horacio Zurita Bayas”.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Barreto Barzola, Richard Moisés
13-Feb-2023EFL teaching-learning approach used for a minimally speaking autistic student at Rosal de los Niños elementary school.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Campaña Mora, Melanie Morelia; Campaña Mora, Nicole Giovanna
18-Mar-2019The elements of classroom physical environment that affect the learning process of English as a Foreign Language of 2nd Baccalaureate students from Colegio Fiscal Mixto Ismael Pérez Pazmiño.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Lorentzen Moreira, Maria Gabriela
15-Sep-2020Emotional and behavioral disorders in a 6th grader and their implications for EFL teachers on classroom management at Unidad Educativa Santiago Mayor during the first quinmester 2019-2020.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Araujo Zapata, Doménica Soledad
17-May-2018Enhancement of the English for specific purposes methodology applied at an Aviation Military School in Salinas.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Acosta Ramírez, Nadia Roxana; Mora Verdezoto, Mirtha Leonor; Almeida Pacheco, Víctor Alfonso; Gutiérrez Santos, Marisol Edith
13-Sep-2016Enhancing Students’ Speaking Performance in a TOEFL Course through ICT Tasks at Unidad Educativa Particular Interamericano.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Cantos Sánchez, Lourdes Madelaine
17-Nov-2023Exploration of cognitive special needs at the Faculty of Administration of the University of Guayaquil for the design of a viable EFL teacher training proposal.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Aguilar Echeverría, Elena Patricia
16-May-2018Improving classroom formative assessment through Innovative instruments at Angel Tinoco Ruiz School.Salaberri Ramiro, María Sagrario; Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Alvarado Mejia, María de Lourdes; Montenegro Ordóñez, Lady Marietha
22-Jun-2018Inclusive teaching practices for students with special educational needs at Jose Domingo de Santistevan High School.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Vera Asang, Rebeca Isabel; Jarrín Hunter, Ximena Marita; Grijalva Vinueza, Katerin Xiomara
19-Sep-2018The influence of vocabulary learning strategies in the development of vocabulary proficiency of sixth graders of Liceo Panamericano School, first quinmester, school year 2018-2019.Del Pozo Diaz, Natasha Cecibel; Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Granja Zambrano, Emily Dayana
18-Sep-2018Instructional time impact at an EFL content area course for a student with learning disablities from Unidad Educativa Particular Americus Mundus Novus.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Arias Armijo, Ammy Annabel
13-Sep-2021Integration of ludic activities in the 1st baccalaureate EFL virtual class as a motivational strategy during the pandemic Lockdown at San José de Calasanz High School.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Rivadeneria Enríquez, Sara Inés; Barahona Banchón, Galo César; Núñez Merchán, Angy Paulette
17-May-2018Listening and speaking competence in pre-technical English level of students at the Livestock Science Faculty of Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo, Ecuador.Arias Segura, Max Antonio; Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Acosta Ramírez, Nadia Roxana; Varas Giler, Rosa Cecibel; Benítez Luzuriaga, Betsy Patricia