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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis of the books “White Fang” and “Colmillo Blanco” in an attempt to determine how Motion Verbs differ in English and Spanish based on Leonard Talmy’s approach to Cognitive Analysis of Motion Verbs.Korobitsyna, Natalia; Vélez Vera, Jimmy Andrés
2016Contribution to the development of Ecuador’s Audiovisual Translation Industry through an analysis of Subtitling Standards based on the translation of a movie script abstract of “The Great Gatsby".Korobitsyna, Natalia; Ramírez Guzmán, Claudia Milena
2016Addressing Anti-Motivation Issues in a Fifth Basic EFL Educational Learning Environment at Unidad Educativa Politécnico.Bermudez, Luis; Lemos Toalongo, Anggie Lilibeth
2016Glossary of Proposed Spanish Translation of Idiomatic Expressions Found in the English Novel Paper Towns by John Green.De Abreu Ferreira, José Antonio; Rodríguez Cercado, Alexandra Nathalia
21-Mar-2016El canto coral y el desarrollo de competencias musicales a través de un repertorio con elementos armónicos y melódicos del jazz en la comunidad de la Fundación Renal del Ecuador Iñigo Álvarez de Toledo.Yaselga Rojas, Yasmine; Cedeño Rómulo, Luis Carlos
2016EFL Adapted Curriculum and Strategies in Science for the 2nd Elementary Student with Mental Retardation.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Espino Rivadeneira, Joselyn Nichole
2016Poor writing skills in 1st and 2nd baccalaureate of María Auxiliadora High School and the e-portfolio to improve writing skills.Vásquez Barros, Mariela Fátima; Andrade Ramos, Jorge Luis
2016Implementation of Communicative Activities to Improve Twelfth Grade students’ English Speaking Skill at Santo Domingo de Guzman High School.Del Pozo Díaz, Natasha Cecibel; Ronquillo Chanalata, Leidys Fabiola
2016Homework as an Academic Supplement for EFL Younger Learners (9-11 years old) Applied in Unidad Educativa Particular Universidad Católica.Jiménez Bilmonti, Alfredo Enrique; Moreno Plúa, Mayra Lucía
2016Model of Graduate Profile for Translators Aiming to Work in the Video Game Translation Industry.Rivadeneira Enríquez, Sara Ines; Chang, Yu Cheng