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Title: Annotated translation of the first chapter of the book head and neck surgery from English to Spanish.
Authors: Jiménez León, Luisa Mirella
Ponguillo Díaz, Danny Xavier
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: As medical science is advancing, up-dated techniques and procedures are been developed to manipulate patients. An important area in which such kind of important information needs to be applied is in facial anomalies and neck surgeries. Dr. Roberto Gilbert Hospital has several books with medical material in English language, but they need them to be available in Spanish. Our surveys performed at the hospital guided us to focus on one of the most important and urgent document to be translated: a German book named the Head and Neck Surgery. This book is important for doctors who perform facial anomalies and neck surgeries. Therefore, the purpose of this translation work is to help the medical staff to have access to the Spanish translated version of the first chapter of the Head and Neck Surgery Book for common facial anomalies specially cleft lip and palate. Consequently, the creation of this Spanish translation of the aforementioned book will benefit patients. Besides the benefit doctors will have in getting a great source of new information, we, as translators, will contribute to our country¿s development in the area of maxillary facial surgery by providing not only a five-time checked rendering of the material originally in German, but also the corresponding annotations that will present in detail the techniques and knowledge used for such work and, in so doing, will encourage other professionals to do further studies in this field.
URI: http://repositorio.ucsg.edu.ec/handle/3317/1329
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