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Title: Annotated english translation of the information available in the area "10.000 years of ancient Ecuador", as a cultural contribution to the Simon Bolivar Cultural Centre (MAAC) located in Guayaquil.
Authors: Noblecilla Matamoros, María Andrea
Aldeán Luzón, Diana Cecilia
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The Simon Bolivar Cultural Center is one of the most important integrated museums of Guayaquil, which in recent times has aimed to reach a bigger amount of public to accomplish its mission as an ambassador of the Ecuadorian culture. In spite of its efforts, the Museum has left aside a tool which, if properly used, might be vital for accomplishing its goal. This tool is the translation of the exposition ―10.000 Years of Ancient Ecuador‖. As it shall be explained below, the translation of this source of cultural information can play a meaningful role in the management of the museum, and for such purpose, it is necessary that the exhibition discloses its contents in more than one language. Aiming to make a well-achieved contribution by means of this project, we have proceeded to make a compilation of information related to the museum and the translation of cultural references, the translator‘s role within the management of the museum and the translation theory in cultural contexts. All of this was made with the purpose of reaching the appropriate impact to improve the mission of the Cultural Center, analyzing, during the process, the key ST and TT characteristics that a translator must take into account when rendering an acceptable transfer in the cultural and historical area.
URI: http://repositorio.ucsg.edu.ec/handle/3317/1847
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