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Title: Annotated translation of eterna PE1620SA-Extra manual for PROCARSA.
Authors: Clark Arboleda, Kennie Gabriel
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This annotated translation is an attempt to provide a rendering for a manual based on a product from a die/cutting machine manufacturer so that PROCARSA, the company I will be referring as ¿The Client¿ or merely ¿PROCARSA¿, could be able to aspire to comply with international standards while safeguarding the safety-in-the-workplace culture for its machine operators in an everyday working environment. The main points are to address the problematic of having documentation at hand and adequately organized and if need be translated to all languages the company uses for its procedures so that the client may be eligible to be accredited by an quality assurance certification body such as ISO, BASC, CE directives etc. Another aim is to ensure that such documentation addresses issues regarding safety in the workplace for its quality and accuracy can heavily impact the outcome of an unforeseen situation where the how-to of the matter is available to be used properly. In addition to this, this work accesses the limitations of translating such document regardless of the purpose of it. Through a linguistic perspective, several aspects of the rendering itself are disclosed to grant a guiding light to others facing the same quandary. Consequently the results show that the need for documentation, updated, faithful and language-ready is paramount not only to comply with international standards but also to give personnel the tools that may, in any unforeseen occurrence of a problem, help them find the solution based on the manufacturer¿s know-how and avoid risks and potentially harmful situations apropos of the machine.
URI: http://repositorio.ucsg.edu.ec/handle/3317/3920
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